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management teams & VIP

How do we protect [You]

We are supporting the management teams & VIP persons with the whole range of dedicated services ensuring their vulnerability is under constant monitoring & control. The company guarantee business secrecy and trust while delivering the necessary protection

The programme

How we support managers

Analysis of the client digital environment, i.e. social media, interactions, systems and solution used & installed on the number of devices.

Security measures implementation for the gaps identified during the analysis

Selection and training on the most appropriate security solutions & tools selected for the identified case & client profile

Adequate training & guidance specific for the profile, specific measures installed for the social media interactions

Access to the dedicated reporting & dashboard provided

The process

  1. Meeting and NDA signature, the company guarantees business secrecy
  2. Interview, data collection concerning digital habitant of the client, tools and social media used, data consumed, installed hardware & software solutions, previous attacks or data leaks
  3. GAP analysis presentation, audit results
  4. Implementation of the recommendations increasing the security level
  5. Access provisioning the monitoring & reporting platform
  6. Results consultancy and threat monitoring

The terms

  1. 01
    VIP protection programme is a licence based model with a minimum 12months terms agreement
  2. 02
    Software & consultancy and reporting is included within the terms
  3. 03
    Our pricing model starts from 300 EURO p/m

Additional services such as: dark web, social media monitoring, post-mortem analysis are not included and can be subject of an additional quotation

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We believe that within 5 years, most people will own a cyber-guard app, designed to protect them from the threat of being hacked.

Right now? Our consultants will care for your security from all around the world: New York, Washington, Shanghai, Beijing, Dallas, Canton, London, Madrid.

Paweł Poleński

Founder and CEO of Cyber Quant

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Paweł Poleński

Founder and CEO of Cyber Quant

Paweł Poleński

Founder and CEO of Cyber Quant

During 18 years of experience in IT, he had cooperated with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Alibaba,, Cisco, IBM, Wix, Samsung, Rakuten, Qnap.

Post-graduate student of the Oxford University in cyber security, he graduated from the IT faculty at the Jagiellonian University.

Speaker at multiple conferences on blockchain, data analytics, sports performance and business intelligence.

Our certificates

As education is one of our core values, we always keep learning

Offensive Security Certified Professional
Offensive Security Certified Expert
GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
eLearnSecurity Web application Penetration Tester
eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester
Offensive Security Wireless Professional

Paweł Poleński

Founder and CEO of Cyber Quant

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